We’re not going to be vague about it – all of our clients have one thing in common:

“Our clients need unique solutions, an uncommon understanding of their business and the ability to work with them to create a platform that fits their needs, one that can grow with them as they grow their business.”

How does that look in practice?  Well here are some examples of how we solved the needs of three of our clients.


Our client operates a party rental business out of multiple locations throughout New York State and Connecticut.  Our first project involved a simple redesign of their website but included a product catalog with a custom content management system that was tailored to their rental business.  DP Tech Solutions also connected the online product catalog to the client’s back-end rental system to allow customers to register online, create rental quotes, submit them to consultants, and even view and pay invoices right online.


Transporting students back and forth between home and school is a treacherous job.  This client created a business of managing this – for nearly 100 districts across the state of New Jersey.  They needed a modern application for keeping track of routes, students, member districts and receiving schools, and included with that billing and invoicing.  Enter BusPro, the first built from the ground up online Student Transportation Information System.  We integrated Google Maps to make route planning and student bus stop assignment easy, plus can customize features to fit transportation organizations large and small.  Look for more information on BusPro here.


Today many clients need more when it comes to email, calendar and contact management, and cloud solutions like Google’s G-Suite and Microsoft’s Office 365 are two of the most robust and full featured solutions out there.  One of our clients was literally stuck on a platform for email services with no viable method to migrate away from it, without losing their existing users email.  DP Tech Solutions was able to access the raw email in their previous system and devise a method to import the messages in to the users’ new mailboxes in Gmail.  We’ve been working with G-Suite since 2009 and Office 365 since 2015, and we’ve seen how amazingly powerful they can be.  It’s not as easy to get started, however, but that’s were we can lend our years of experience to make the migration a smooth one.